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Millenial Wedding Theme

by | Jul 15, 2018 | blog | 0 comments

A wedding that is trendy and fun, is the dream of many people whose hearts are young and spirits are free! Choosing a Millennial Wedding theme is not just the right choice but also a perfect choice that could make this special occasion extraordinary and unforgettable.

Impress everyone with the colorful event place and offer them exciting foods and activities that will surely make the celebration more active and stylish! Fill the room with colorfully-styled bouquets and flower arrangements by Te Amo Florista in BGC and let things flow in accordance to plan! The event could be about fitness, sweet stuff, and colors; but the main reason to celebrate love will remain to be the main focus of all these.

The Millennial Wedding theme offers motifs and styles that will bring your event to the next level of awesomeness! Start from choosing instagramable locations for pictorials and the photography experts who could capture the picture-perfect moments. The Dessert Museum and R.O.X BGC (wall climbing) are the best places to take those lovely shots while ReelLife Film & Stills is a trusted partner for such events.

Achieve the ‘millennial looks’ from head to toe with the creative team of stylists and couturier: Stylist: Jenny Sibulo; Hair and Make up Artist: Xyrille Zaide; and Couturier: Emil Ocampo. Wear that smile that glows from within and shine with love and goodness with wonderfully-designed gowns that are trendy and beautiful! Let the experts do your hair and make-up and everything will definitely be perfect as it should be! Step out from the hassle of thinking where to start and how to ensure that everything is at its place, Infinite Productions and Art Photography could arrange everything and clients will just have to sit back, relax and indulge with ample of beauty rest and wait for things to turn out as expected.